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Homecoming Mum Supplies

Homecoming Mum Supplies

Limited Quantities! When They’re Gone, They’re Gone! $25 minimum per order.

Homecoming Mum Supplies are our thing. Not just the normal supplies you’ve seen every year. These are the supplies the professional mum makers use! Note that the majority of our products are LIMITED EDITIONS. That means limited quantities. We recommend that customers buy when they see the item in stock because there is a good chance that the item will soon be gone. We do not replenish our homecoming mum supplies until the next season. Take advantage!
Remember that limited edition items make it so that others in your school won’t have what you have!
Our site also has a $25 minimum purchase. Please make sure your cart totals $25 or more before shipping costs to purchase. The general public as well as mum makers are welcome to purchase. We sell in bulk to resellers, schools and non-profit as well. We do not sell wholesale at this time.