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Dum Mums

Premade Homecoming Mum Bases for homecoming mums and garters

Homecoming Mum Premade Bases for you to decorate yourself. The work is done for you, now decorate your way! Dum Mums are the best quality, lowest cost way to make your own homecoming mum.

For the DIY homecoming mum makers, this takes the hard work out of making a mum or garter. We offer premade bases in 2 different materials, and lots of different sizes.

Decorate your premade mum, your way! You choose what goes on your mum, you’re in control. Choose to make a football mum, or maybe a cheer mum. Your imagination is the limit. With our high quality bases that save you hours of time cutting and assembling. Just decorate, glue and done! With hanging ribbon and tabs for a necklace included. all that’s left is for you to décor as you like.

Choose your favorite homecoming mum size, and go! We offer homecoming mum supplies for you to add to your homecoming mum base or use your own. The DIY… and done!