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Homecoming Mum Supplies

Homecoming Mums are getting more and more popular every year. What was once thought to only be a “Texas Thing” now is in many more states. We specialize in unique homecoming mum supplies that are done and ready to be added to your DIY homecoming mum.

We offer two ways to buy. In bulk or by limited edition. Our customers love that we limit our mum supplies, insuring that their supplies won’t be the same as everyone else. Don’t you just love being the only one to have something? We understand.


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Unique Supplies

Mum Factory Outlet  works on securing supplies all year long, it’s all we do! We want our customers to have those unique mum supplies they’ve been looking for. All year long, we search the world for new and interesting items to include onto your homecoming mums.

Make a Homecoming Mum

Introducing Dum Mums! Make a homecoming mum with our premade homecoming mum bases. What’s a Dum Mum? A Dum Mum is a brand of premade homecoming mum bases by Mums and Kisses that allows customers to make a mum easier by having the flower and streamers base already made. Customers simply decorate the base and done! We offer 2 different types of Dum Mums, acetate bases and satin bases. The acetate bases are what customers find at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. They are the basic base. The satin base are what’s referred to as a “luxury base”. Made by Mums and Kisses, these bases are soft and upgraded to start you off making a very quality homecoming mum.

Homecoming Mum Bears

Mum bears are back in style. We have the cutest decorated bears for homecoming mums. Glue them to your mum and done! Both garters and mums can sport a bear. Which bear will you choose?

Braids for Homecoming Mums

Homecoming Mum Braids are what makes a homecoming mum fill out. Use as many as you can to make that 3 dimensional look. Without braids your mum may look pretty flat. However, braids also give you places to add bows and accessories to.

Letters Stickers and Decals

Write your name, school or your grade and more on your mum. Choose bling or block, or layered decal letters that really stand out.

Boas and Feathers

Boas that are the thick kind that poof and add that wide factor to a homecoming mum

Homecoming Mum Charms

Add charms and trinkets to show the activity you’re in. Some are made of plastic and some are decal and more higher quality. Showing off your talents on your mum is the way to represent you.